Peanuts: Humble yet Mighty

Peanuts are a legume that originated in South America. They go by a variety of names such as groundnuts, earthnuts and goobers. Despite their name, peanuts are unrelated to tree nuts. As a legume, they are related to beans, lentils and soy. In the United States, peanuts are rarely eaten raw. Instead, they are most … Continue reading Peanuts: Humble yet Mighty

5 Health Benefits of Pistachios

Pistachio nuts are the edible seeds of the Pistacia vera tree. Pistachios and other nuts are a mainstay of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Pistachios are tasty and fun to eat. Their buttery, rich flavor makes them a favorite of many people. They are also versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of recipes. Pistachios … Continue reading 5 Health Benefits of Pistachios

Quinoa: An Ancient South American Grain

Quinoa is a seed from the Chenopodium quinoa plant, a plant that produces seeds instead of fruit. So technically it is not a grain. Whole grains, like oats and barley, are seeds of grasses, not plants. The technical definition of quinoa is actually a "pseudograin." However, since quinoa is prepared and eaten as a whole … Continue reading Quinoa: An Ancient South American Grain

Whole Grains: Barley

Although barley is not as popular as other whole grains like oats or wheat, the health perks associated with barley should not be overlooked. What are the benefits of eating barley? Barley is a good source of fiber (both soluble and insoluble), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Barley also improves heart health and provides diabetes protection. … Continue reading Whole Grains: Barley

Beets: A Beautifully Colored Gem

Beetroots, commonly known as beets, are a vibrant and versatile type of vegetable. They are known for their earthy flavor and aroma. Beets are highly nutritious and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds, many of which have health-promoting properties. What's more, they are delicious and easy to add to your diet in dishes … Continue reading Beets: A Beautifully Colored Gem

Mushrooms: Plant of Immortality

Mushrooms are a fungus that brings a savory flavor to meals without adding much fat, calories or sodium. There are several types of mushrooms available for sale. These include Button, Chanterelle, Cremini, Enoki, Maitake, Morel, Oyster, Porcini, Portobello, and Shiitake. Researchers continue to reveal how mushrooms can ward off chronic diseases and improve your everyday … Continue reading Mushrooms: Plant of Immortality

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

The tomato is a fruit from the nightshade family. Despite technically being a fruit, it is generally eaten and prepared like a vegetable. Tomatoes are usually red when mature, however they can also come in a variety of colors. These colors include yellow, orange, green, and purple. Tomatoes provide unique health benefits. They are full … Continue reading Health Benefits of Tomatoes

There’s Nothing Sour About Grapes

Grapes are grown all over the world and come in thousands of varieties. Many varieties are used to make wine, but a few sweet varieties are used for sale as table grapes. You may find them in various colors, including green, red, black, yellow and pink. Grapes make a quick and delicious snack you can … Continue reading There’s Nothing Sour About Grapes

Eggplant: A Mediterranean Diet Jewel

Eggplant, also known as aubergine, is a very popular and versatile ingredient in a variety of cuisines. It is commonly eaten in such places as France, Italy, Australia, Egypt and the U.S. This vegetable is especially loved for its bright purple color, fleshy skin and unique taste. The taste is generally described as slightly bitter … Continue reading Eggplant: A Mediterranean Diet Jewel

Asparagus: Sparrow Grass

Asparagus, officially known as Asparagus officinalis, is a member of the lily family.  This popular spring vegetable comes in a variety of colors, including green, white and purple, and it is used in dishes around the world, including frittatas, pastas, and stir-fries. Asparagus is also low in calories and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and … Continue reading Asparagus: Sparrow Grass